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AAA Mailing Service Becomes First Certified Presort Bureau in Missouri

After rigorous testing and more than a year of planning and quality control implementation, AAA Mailing Service has become the first and only mail presort bureau in Missouri to become MPTQM Certified by the United States Postal Service.   It is a standard only a handful of other presort bureaus in the United States have achieved.

The MPTQM (Mail Preparation Total Quality Management) program is voluntary, and it is based on a set of 67 detailed standards, each carrying specific point values.  An independent auditor, along with selected Postal Service Managers, and Postal Inspectors, visited the AAA mailing Service facility in Jefferson City and conducted a day-long audit, inspection and interview process.

Many customers of AAA Mailing Service have noticed changes in recent months as the company has been updating forms and putting new quality control procedures into place.  "The end result will be an improved process for finding and fixing errors in the mail preparation procedure", says Rick Henson, Quality Assurance Manager for AAA. "We have worked long and hard for this certification, and it will benefit our customers".

AAA Mailing Service is the only mailing service in Mid-Missouri that uses the same large barcoder/sorters the postal service uses to sort mail and to obtain postal discounts for its customers.  These processes are subject to strict daily verification procedures by a U.S. Postal Service clerk on site at the AAA Mailing Service facility before the processed mail is packaged and loaded directly onto a USPS tractor-trailer from the AAA Mailing Service dock.

"It took all of our employees pulling together to accomplish this milestone,"says Garry Surface, General Manager.  "They are to be commended."

The MPTQM program is the result of a partnership between the United States Postal Service and AAA Mailing Service's national trade association, the National Association of Presort Mailers.

AAA Mailing Service has been serving Mid Missouri for 20 years.  The MPTQM certification is a continuation of AAA Mailing Services, Inc.'s efforts to aggressively serve the local and regional market.  These efforts were begun in earnest in 1997 with the construction of their expanded, 16,500 square-foot facility.

AAA Mailing Service is the largest lettershop and mailing service in Mid-Missouri featuring First Class and bulk "Standard A" mail service with inkjet addressing and multi-line OCR barcoding sorting allowing barcoding, discounted postage, and high-speed processing of First Class mail and Standard A mail.   In addition, AAA Mailing Service has earned the state contract for mailing services in the Mid Missouri area for the better part of a decade.

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