You do not have enough mail to justify the expense of a postage meter.
OR   You do not have the manpower, expertise, or desire within your company to determine rates and run the postage meter.
OR   You cannot justify a postage meter and do not want to manually weigh mail and affix postage.
OR   You cannot justify the daily trip to take your mail to the Post Office.
OR   You want to focus your efforts on your business, and not get into the mail preparation business.
OR   You want a mailroom, but would rather not pay for a mailroom, then.....

Let AAA Mailing Service be your mailroom

Simply estimate the amount of postage you use in a month's time, and make an initial deposit equal to that amount to your account at AAA Mailing Service.  Then, just drop your mail by our office at 5224 Business 50 West, Apache Flats.  It will be metered at the regular first class rates and, if you drop it prior to 11 a.m., it will be sent out the same day.  If it is dropped after 11 a.m., it will be at the Post Office the following morning.  Depending on quantity, location, and lead time, we may even be able to pick up your mail.

You pay no more than full first class postage.   You have no investment in equipment.  You have no concern about weighing the pieces or running out of stamps.  Each time you present mail, a record of the postage charged against your balance is generated and sent or delivered to you.  Each month, a statement is sent to you, indicating the amount needed to replenish your account.

To start this service, give us a call or drop us an Email.   You will simply make out a check to AAA Mailing Service, Inc., and we will issue a receipt indicating you have paid that amount in advance for postage.  Then, just bring us your mail.


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