Inkjet addressing allows you to give us a computer disk with an electronic file in any number of file formats containing names and addresses, and whatever other information you would like on your piece. An example of other information could be a field on the file that contains a customer number, or some other piece of information customized in your file to that particular person. Or you may want a generic message to print on all of your mailing pieces.

AAA Mailing then uses CASS certified software to apply not only the names, addresses and other information to the mailing piece, but it also sprays a barcode. This barcode helps to qualify your mailing for automation postal discounts.

What does Inkjetting mean?

Inkjetting is a term commonly used to describe the commercial preparation of a mailpiece by running it through a highspeed printer which reads a computer file of names, addresses and other information and transfers that information to the actual mail piece. The process uses special ink sprayed through many pinhead-size holes in the inkjet printhead.

It means better mail service

The inkjetter can also sprays a barcode on your mailpiece that streamlines the process of getting your piece to its destination more quickly. In many cases, barcoding can also reduce your postage costs.

It means faster service

Inkjetting is faster and allows more processing to take place in one step thereby getting the job into the mail more quickly.

It means less cost, and less hassle for you

If you currently have your labels printed, you can eliminate this cost and time consuming step by simply providing us with your mailing list. If you are currently printing your own labels, you will save the time or labor cost of babysitting the printer, you will save the increased turn-around time associated with printing the labels, you will save the cost of the labels themselves, and you will save the wear and tear on your printer.

It means a professional image

In addition, inkjetting gives your piece a much more professional, up to date look. There are many fonts that cannot normally be read by the automated postal equipment. But with inkjetting and barcoding, you can choose from many different fonts and still take advantage of barcoded rates in many cases. Inkjetting even allows you to include graphics on your mail piece!

It means more flexibility

Inkjetting allows you to put different messages on different categories of recipients of your mail piece, as long as the information is in the file you provide. For example, if you mail out a newsletter, and wish those who are up for renewal to have a message to that effect on their last issue, simply create a field for that message in your database. If you are not familiar with this process, most leading database programs will provide instructions on how to accomplish this.

The same idea can be applied to statements, direct mail advertising, and notices of all kinds. Think for a moment about how this tool could be used in your mailings to better communicate with your recipients, to increase response to a solicitation, to remind certain recipients of important events, and to make them think more of your company or organization (How about a happy birthday message in the appropriate month). Think of the possibilities!

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