AAA Mailing Services, Inc. New Office

AAA Mailing Service, Inc. occupies 16,500 square feet of space which they opened in August, 1997. Originally opening their business in February, 1982 as a family venture and guided by Norm Thompson who had recently retired as Postmaster after a long career with the US Postal Service in Jefferson City, MO.

Joining Thompson was Garry Surface as Vice President and General Manager, and later Debbie Surface, daughter of Norm Thompson, as Office Manager and Corporate Secretary. Debbie is now President and General Manager of AAA Mailing which is certified as a woman owned business. Thus, the enterprise is still family owned and operated after 15 years.

The business first occupied about 750 square feet of the building at the corner of Monroe and Dunklin. Within 2 years, the increased volume of business required 2,200 square feet. By November of 1985, it became apparent the business was in need of expansion again. It was decided to purchase a building for the business. The 6,500 square foot building at 215 Metro Drive served AAA Mailing for the next 12 years.

Also in 1985, Surface opened Surface Printing to complement the mailing business. Now the sister companies had the combined capabilities to earn the motto "Your One Stop Letter Shop". In January 2014, Surface Printing merged with AAA Mailing Service and is still a viable part of their operation.

The mailing business began by offering sorting services to customers who could earn better rates if their mail was delivered to the post office presorted. For many years this presorting was done manually by persons "throwing" mail into cabinets with compartments corresponding to the various zip codes.

Since then, AAA Mailing has automated their operations with optical character reader (OCR) barcoding machines. A barcode is a sophisticated machine that reads the address on an envelope, looks the address up in a database containing every address in the United States, and sprays the barcode for that address on the envelope, and sends it into one of 99 sorting bins, all within a fraction of a second.

In addition, to securing these mailing discounts, AAA Mailing Service, Inc. can print brochures and flyers of all kinds, fold, insert, collate, affix postage, mail merge and variable printing and more. They have since, continued to update and add new machinery and services.

With multiple delivery trucks, mailing and printing services and 16,5000 square feet in their facility, AAA Mailing Services, Inc. has entered a new watershed for quality, service and capacity. This capacity allows them to comfortably serve a large marketing area Columbia, Moberly, Fulton, Linn, Lake of the Ozarks, and Sedalia.

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